Thesis blog bert schreurs

To satisfy his multiple curiosities de Hert teams up regularly with other authors.

Thesis blog bert schreurs

Contact Us By Shaun Stevenson, PhD English Student For those of you looking for non-traditional resources to help you through the dissertation process, blogs can provide insightful perspectives, reserves of relevant articles and links to helpful information from across the web.

Better yet, they are often a wonderful and humorous place to commiserate about the sometimes woeful process of dissertation writing.


This article will look at three excellent blogs that you may just want to turn to when struck by that familiar feeling of procrastination. Its scope extends far beyond the actual writing process and includes posts on just about anything you could think of surrounding a dissertation, from time management skillshow to create an authoritative voice in your writing and managing the complicated terrain of ethics approval.

The blog prides itself on being to the point, with most posts limited to 1, words or less. It is wonderfully organized, and likely has something for everyone, with a nod to other like-mined blogs and websites in the sidebar.

It also welcomes submissions from other dissertation-raddled academics. The Three Month Thesis: Hayton explains how, after nearly giving up on his PhD altogether, he rallied his motivation and actually wrote his entire dissertation in just three months.

In 10 straightforward steps, a listing-style deployed through many of his posts, the author carefully and concisely explains how his three-month thesis was possible. All of the posts found on this blog are presented in a refreshingly sparse, yet on-point style.

The Three Best Dissertation Writing Blogs - Current Grad Students

I especially loved this simple but wonderfully insightful post on overcoming procrastination: Written across universities, disciplines and career stages, GradHacker was initially began with the intent of teaching other grads about technology related to graduate life and networking.

While this blog contains topics similar to those of the aforementioned blogs, I highlight it for its original emphasis on technology. Posts highlight software programs that help you build your own research databasehow to get the best use of electronic referencing tools like Zoteroor simply what it means to be a more tech savvy graduate student.

Putting theory into practice, GradHacker also hosts its own podcasts. This blog is really a one-size-fits-all resource for dissertation writing and all things graduate-related. Its focus on technology gives it a bit of an edge, and gives you all the more reason to spend time reading about writing your dissertation, rather than actually writing it!

Tell us what your favorite dissertation-related blogs are in the comments below!Writing a Dissertation: Tips From Former PhD Students (Part 1) The suggestions from three of them are below, and the other three will be introduced in my next blog.

Aleksandra Kasztalska (Linguistics) “Even though I was happy with the finished product, I couldn’t wait to put it down and ‘move on’!”. Bert schreurs thesis blog; eric is available at the t. Welcome, problem solution essay writing cyber crime.

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32 thoughts on “The Three Best Dissertation Writing Blogs” Mahendra says: This is a very informative piece.

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I always followed the thesis whisperer blog and I must admit that I obtain my source of inspiration for completing my dissertation from them. Reply. Cdr Report Help says. Top 50 Blogs for PhD Students.

Thesis blog bert schreurs

Matt Might: this blog focuses on both computer science specific posts, as well as general productivity, study, and thesis defense tips. Vivek Haldar: the blog of a back end programmer at Google who received his Ph.D in computer science some years ago.

Author team: Hannes Guenter, Bert Schreurs, IJ. Hetty van Emmerik, Wout Gijsbers, and Ad van Iterson Abstract: In this paper, we investigate how adaptive and maladaptive humor influence well-being in the workplace.

Top 50 Blogs for PhD Students