The origins of representative democracy essay

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The origins of representative democracy essay

View Full Essay Words: Thomas Stockman plays the role of the individual who intends to use his democratic right of freely expressing his opinion, especially when this opinion is based on scientific facts and concerns the health of his fellow humans.

Ibsen may have played with philosophical principals and ideas when he wrote the play, but the dilemmas he…… [Read More] Hovstad has the power and the means democracy and the editorship of the newspaper is giving him to do the right thing and prevent people from getting ill.

The origins of representative democracy essay

Instead, he decides to do the exact opposite. His political aspirations, as noble as they may appear to him, are his weakness. He will be easily convinced that the right thing to do was to prevent the truth from being outspoken.

He will thus agree to treat the interests of those closer and more important for his political future, the townspeople, as primary compared to the interests of those who might get soaked in the polluted soup.

He is the perfect political animal, who will accept any compromise for the so called greater good. Because he has the power to do the right thing and not risk anything he doesn't already have, he sounds as the most despicable of them all. The theme of the people's right to speak up is relevant to the idea of democracy because it touches two essential features of democracy: First and foremost, democracy means the ruling by the people, for the people.

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The local, democratically elected government, theoretically represents people's will and trust. It has the power and the means to express it and see that it is respected. There are moral and philosophical questions that the characters are discussing, questions that have not found a definitive answer yet.

It sounds pretty straightforward on paper: On the other hand, it is much more complicated in reality. With today's hindsight, one is more inclined to agree that people like Hovstad have more chances to succeed than those like Dr.

The developed world lives better now, but at the global scale, things are far from being balanced. Corrupted leaders and civil wars aside, Ibsen was right to assume that the welfare of the community will count as more important that that of a few individuals, therefore, inconvenient truths will easily find well-intended politicians or aspiring politicians who will use their power to hide them.

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Stockman, the eternal Don Quixote, the beholder of the truth, is fighting the windmills. He is destined to loose his battle because people are more inclined to listen and approve of those they proudly put in office, instead of making the effort and try to see the bigger and complete picture.

As a matter of convenience, of shortsightedness, of laziness or even worse, of stupidity, the majority can be wrong. On the other side, Ibsen showed that superiority in spirit that lacks the support of humbleness, reasoning and patience will not succeed in supporting a community either.

Oxford University Press, Ancient origins. The term "democracy" first Representative democracy involves the election of government officials by the people being represented.

If the head of state is also democratically elected then it is called a democratic republic. Representative democracy is what we have in this country.

We are seen by many other countries as one of the most well run countries in the world. Our system seems to run very well and there are many advantages of using the system we do. Representative Democracy Essay The term representative democracy was coined in France and America in the age of constitutional revolutions; its implementation as a form of government began at the local level—township government in New England and, after , municipal government in Paris.

Simply put, a representative democracy is a system of government in which all eligible citizens vote on representatives to pass laws for them.

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A perfect example is the U.S., where we elect a. The essay starts with an introduction of the term democracy and a specific relationship between the writer and democracy and its purpose. However, this introduction has . Essay/Term paper: Democracy Essay, term paper, research paper: History Essays an important step in the origins of democracy.

Some of his reforms created problems for other people, who wanted to become citizens.

The origins of representative democracy essay

the practice of elected officials helped to shape the ideas of a representative democracy. In Rome, the wealthy people, the.

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