The causes and effects of pre marital sex essay

Premarital Sex Premarital sex is a huge problem in society today. People everywhere are not waiting until they get married to have sex. People having sex today are not aware of the consequences that come with having sex.

The causes and effects of pre marital sex essay

Pre-marital Sex Cause and Effect - Sample Essays

Get a complete paper today. Introduction The effects of premarital sex are detrimental on many instances. In regard to emotional consequences, premarital sex have a profound sense of regret, shame and guilt. In the years, as well as s, majority of the young people were made to believe that a one-time sex in a while with a boy or a girlfriend was not only tolerable but necessary.

This believe was a high ranking flaw that left many girls devastated after losing their virginity. Hooking up involves a range of activities such as taking alcohol, kissing or having sex.

According to Doskochapproximately 45 percent of ladies in college had a hook up at least once in their lifetime, with 15 percent engaging in over six hook ups. Below is a discussion of the negative effects of premarital sex as per the Catholic teachings and the readings from the Bible.

The causes and effects of pre marital sex essay

The first detrimental effect is the introduction to drugs that leads to drug abuse. According to Opayemi 9male students use drugs very often. As the study by Orchard, Bernard and Fuller revealed, 32 percent of the participants were convinced that premarital sex cause drug abuse.

This assertion is true because a variety of drugs is used by the youth to enhance their sexual performance.

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The frequent use of sexual enhancing drugs leads to addiction. Similarly, some youths have engaged in drug abusing activities after their relationships with their girl or boyfriends break up. The drug abuse is against the teachings of the Catholic Church which warns against ingesting any substances that are harmful to the body.

This is so because our bodies are a dwelling place of the God and the Holy Spirit. This trend of associating with bad influence peers is against the teachings of the Bible. For this reason, when the young hang around the peers who engage in sexual activities, they will too engage in such activities.

The second negative effect is the introduction to bondage. For this reason, when people start having sex, they become bonded together. As Doskochstudy results showed, 23 percent of the participants said that premarital sex leads to bondage.

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The third detrimental effect is the occasions of teen pregnancies. According to Orchard, Bernard and Fuller, 3 million cases of unplanned pregnancies are reported every year. Premarital sex in many cases leads to unexpected pregnancies. Teenagers, in particular, are highly susceptible to pregnancy than older women because of their body activities.

The causes and effects of pre marital sex essay

Additionally, teenagers are more susceptible to pregnancy complications than older women. According to Boniolo, in his studies, teens are twice as much likely to pass away during delivery than older women. They also experience difficult deliveries, underweight babies, stretch marks, weight gain, scarring, tears, and nausea.

As the Catholic Church teaches, these are all consequences of disobedience and impatience. The teachings purport that God commands us to stay pure until marriage.

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In cases where young people do not adhere to these teachings, they may contract some incurable sexual infections. The fifth negative consequence is spiritual degradation. Premarital sex is in itself a sin according to the Christian teachings.

Continued sinning can subject a Christian to an endless sequence of self-destruction. According to Casey, Murray, and Todd 24such a Christian develops low self-esteem, reduced self-expectations, and low self-worth. One being to doubt everything about themselves just like Adam and Eve comprehended their naked appearance before God.

All these come to be because engaging in sex as a Christian prior to marriage is a sin. No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does.The negative effects of premarital sex are many as discussed in the above essay. These ranges from addiction, unplanned pregnancies, spread of HIV and STI’s, leads to abortion, bondage, introduction to drug abuse and spiritual degradation effect.

The effects of premarital sex can cause individuals to take on life responsibilities that they have not prepared for. For instance, a married couple may have intentions on raising kids and starting a family. The research aims to know the causes and effects of pre-marital sex for teens and adults ages 13 to 25 within Paco Area.

This study will systematically investigate the nature behind pre-marital sex and the reasons behind it. Free coursework on Effects Of Premarital Sex from, the UK essays company for essay, dissertation and coursework writing. EFFECTS OF PREMARITAL SEX. PHYSICAL EFFECTS. Marital sex is a model of God's provision to draw us closer to one another and to him.

Premarital sex is what most youths engage in before marriage while extra-marital sex is what some married people indulges in, when they are not faithful to their partner. Pure, holy or legal sex is the only legitimate sex, it occurs between married couples. To me pre-marital sex is not “morally” acceptable as marriage and morals are more towards religious concepts and from a religious perspective, pre-marital sex is definitely wrong.

Marriage is a religious concept, although in many industrialized nations we have .

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