The basics of the art of diving

Here's camera terms - shutter, f-stop, aperture, white-balanceand more.

The basics of the art of diving

Our idea is simple - learn, shoot, explore. You must first drive 2 hours over one of the most beautiful roads in the world over a mountain pass and through a tunnel.

As your boat takes off, you look out at arguably one of the most picturesque views The basics of the art of diving the world. You dive through a layer of blurry ice-cold fresh water, which is stained with tannins from the forest trees, and when you reach the clear salt water huge trees of rarely seen black coral greet you.

When you exit the water, giant waterfalls surround the boat. Yes, it is a truly majestic experience. About to head out for some underwater photography and diving in Milford Sound Introducing Milford Sound New Zealand is one of the most, if not the most beautiful country in the world, and Milford Sound is one of it's highlights.

Located in the southwest section of the south island in an area called Fiordland, Milford Sound is a giant fjord considered one of the top travel destinations of the world for its beauty.

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It is 15km long, and sheer rocks rise 1, meters on each side of the fjord. The Milford sound area is wet - very, very wet. Expect rain every day. Happy to go diving in beautiful Milford sound! The Milford Sound Dive Experience Milford sound is covered by an extremely cold layer of fresh water meters deep.

Once I was underwater, I found the diving fairly easy, with no currents. The diving consists of walls and slopes, and we did most of our diving in the ft range.

The bottom is very, very far away - hundreds of feet deep or more. Milford Sound Marine Life You will see large black coral trees, usually meters high, but they can grow up to 5 meters high.

Black coral, Antipathes fiordensis, is actually more whiteish, with a black skeleton. This coral normally is found at very deep depths beyond rec diving limits, but in Milford Sound it can grow very shallow, at 10 meters.

The fresh water layer at the surface reduces the amount of light found underwater, resulting in deeper-water species thriving in shallower water. The famous "black coral" At some dive sites New Zealand fur seals are common and may swim by you.

While scuba diving Milford Sound I saw nudibranchs, starfish, lobster crayfish in New Zealandsmall featherstars CrinoidsTunicates and anemones - all were common, as are many other invertebrates.

You can usually see several nudibranchs on the walls. There are small amounts of red coral a little deeper.

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The richness of invertebrate life reminded me of some of the colder dive sites in Southern California. This is also a place where you can find Brachiopods, also known as Lampshells. There is also kelp, but it is not giant kelp forest but smaller kelp that grows in shallower water.

There was also a good diversity of fish and some schools, but don't expect to see large fish or giant schools. If you are very lucky you can see an octopus, spiny sea dragon you must be very luckyor spiny dogfish shark.

I did have a nice encounter with a rather large octopus on a wall, and a shark did quickly pass by us. Penguins can be seen on the surface at certain times of the year. Here's some good reading on Fiordland marine life.

Still, there was a good amount of marine life and plenty of black coral. Our second dive was East Seal Rocks. This site had fur seals, and lots of macro life. I'd love to return to this site again! Large octopus swimming towards a safer location After the dive - going over the Mountain pass The best way to dive Milford Sound Very few people actually stay in Milford Sound, most stay in nearby Te Anau.

Which means after the dive, you must drive over a mountain pass.

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The basics of the art of diving

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