The acceptability of a new mri machine purchase for a hospital

Conflict of interest identification and management; and HRPP quality improvement; and Community outreach activities. Part of this evaluation is monitoring how appropriate the composition of the IRB office and IRB boards is in relation to that needed for review of the type and volume of research submitted. Examples of information that might indicate action is needed are significant changes in study review times, investigator satisfaction, frequency of noncompliance, or federal or institutional policies The HRPP Director is responsible for developing a plan in response to changing needs and for initiating the process of obtaining institutional support for the changes.

The acceptability of a new mri machine purchase for a hospital

Over the recent past, the organization has had difficulty in such examinations and quite often than not leading to direct surgery. This has not only increased costs of medication but also complicated tasks within the whole businesses of the premises besides scaring away most clients through stigmatization.

As a result, the organization is considering investing resources in acquiring and installing the Magnetic Resonance Imaging processing machine.

While the MRI machine will solve the cost and quality problem of the hospital, it is paramount for the management team to evaluate whether the benefits of economic benefits of the project warrants the investment of mentioned resources This report has focused on establishing the economic viability of this project.

The MRI technology introduces additional revenue stream as the hospital is able to diagnose a wide range of medical condition. The technology will also enable MHC to provide referral services to other institutions. Literatures have also revealed that the MRI technology will also have an impact on the organization costs.

MHC will be able to minimize the cost associated with having to conductive invasive procedures on the patient in order to make a diagnosis.

This section of the report also encompasses a pro forma income statement and a pro forma balance sheet for the organization. The economic feasibility section has also conducted a financial analysis on the proposed MRI project.

The focus of the financial analysis was to evaluate the financial returns that the hospital will get from the MRI project. The net present value NPV approach was used to evaluate the profitability of this project.

The NPV approach seeks to evaluate the profitability of a project by analyzing the present value of the net cash flows of the project.


The net cash flows of the project were obtained by deducting the cash outflows associated with MRI project with the cash inflows. The discounting rate reflects the interest rates that the lenders are likely to charge the center. The economic feasibility section has also analyzed the impact of the MRI project on space.

MRI is a sensitive technology that requires special consideration when it comes to the locations of the equipment. The MRI machine uses magnetic radiations to create images.

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Thus, the room must be free from ferrous and conductive materials in order to enhance safety. Creation of this space has a significant impact on costs and resources. This report has also focused on establishing the impact of the project on key hospital stakeholders. The decision concerning the acceptability of a capital projects in mainly influenced by the impacts of the project on stakeholders.

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This report has analyzed the effect of the MRI project on physicians, hospital employees and community members. Reviewed literatures reveal that the MRI project will have a constructive effect on physicians and employees.

The MRI machines will also enhance the quality of care, thus providing additional motivation to physicians and employees. However, literatures suggest that the hospital need to ensure that the MRI project does not cause major disruption to hospital processes.

The acceptability of a new mri machine purchase for a hospital

Reviewed literatures also suggested that the MRI technology presents numerous benefits to the community. The MRI technology will lessen the reliance on invasive diagnostic procedures and enhance accuracy of the diagnosis process.

This will lead to massive improvement to the safety of patients and the quality of care delivered to the patients. Literatures also emphasize on the need to involve physicians, community members and hospital employees in the selection and execution of the MRI project.

The cost and revenues analysis reveal that the MRI technology will increase the centers revenues and decrease costs. The financial analysis reveals that the MRI project is capable of posting returns that greater that resources invested in the project.

In addition, the MRI project will enhance the process of delivering service to community members, which is the central mission of MHC. The report also recommends the involvement of hospital employees, physicians and community members in the selection and execution of the MRI project.

This will ensure that the project is acceptable to all key stakeholders. Project Acceptability Physician According to Malcomthe MRI technology can boost the hospital ability to attract and retain doctors.Excerpt from Essay: Capital Project Results and acceptability of the item for key stakeholders Da Vinci is a lucrative product that has immense contributions to the delivery of .

Captital Project  Capital project Capital project section two Executive summary There is an overuse of the hospital MRI machine at the facility The MRI machine needs to be utilized for multiple specialties including emergencies, inpatients, gamma knife, orthopedics, sports medicine.

SYDNEY, N.S. — Patients needing an MRI in Cape Breton may soon see a reduction in wait times, thanks to approval from the provincial government to buy a new machine.

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Every day, hundreds of patients undergo magnetic resonance imaging scans (MRI scans) — and every day many of those patients will ask to get out of the machine before doctors have even had time.

Jul 17,  · To assess the clinical impact and cost implications of a new EUS program on diagnostic ERCP at a tertiary referral centre.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: A retrospective review was performed of data collected during the first year of EUS at the University of Alberta Hospital (Edmonton, Alberta). For example, the CT machine cost per examination is a function of the purchase cost, maintenance and upgrade costs, machine life expectancy, yearly hours of machine operation, and the number of minutes spent imaging each patient.

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