Standard page setup for thesis

I was quickly contacted by Keurig with a link to their reusable K-cup as if that rectified the issue and put an end to the discussion. Then a few loyal K-cup fans were upset that I criticized their right to never have to wipe coffee off their counter tops, followed by another guy who thought that the billions of non-recyclable plastic cups are not an issue and I should invest my activist angst elsewhere. The reality, it is a big issue—not just in the coffee industry, but in the bigger ecological picture.

Standard page setup for thesis

Creators of the standard usually do comprehensive testing to Standard page setup for thesis optimal codecs and settings for sound and video to maximize image quality in the selected file size. When choosing file size, the limiting factor is the size of the media to be used such as MB for CD-R.

The standards are designed such that a certain amount of content will fit on each piece of media, with the best possible quality in terms of size. Newer video standards moved away from the size constraints and replaced them with a quality based alternative such as the use of CRF. New codecs are usually tested annually to check if any offer any conclusive enhancement in quality or compression time.

In general, quality is not sacrificed for speed, and the standards will usually opt for the highest quality possible, even if this takes much longer. For example, releases using the Xvid encoder must use the two-pass encoding method, which takes twice as long as a single pass, but achieves much higher quality; similarly, DVD-R releases that must be re-encoded often use 6 or 8 passes to get the best quality.

When choosing the file format, platform compatibility is important. Formats are chosen such that they can be used on any major platform with little hassle. Some formats such as CloneCD can only be used on Windows computers, and these formats are generally not chosen for use in the standards.

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Packaging[ edit ] Next, the standard usually talks about how to package the material. This allowed for volumes in a single release before the naming switched to s00, s01 and so on.

For example, a DVD-R image 4. The new RAR naming format, name. Different compression levels are used for each type of material being distributed.

The reason for this is that some material compresses much better than others. Movies and MP3 files are already compressed with near maximum capacity.

Repacking them would just create larger files and increase decompression time. Ripped movies are still packaged due to the large file size, but compression is disallowed and the RAR format is used only as a container.

Because of this, modern playback software can easily play a release directly from the packaged files, [8] and even stream it as the release is downloaded if the network is fast enough.

MP3 and music video releases are an exception in that they are not packaged into a single archive like almost all other sections. These releases have content that is not further compressible without loss of quality, but also have small enough files that they can be transferred reliably without breaking them up.

Since these releases rarely have large numbers of files, leaving them unpackaged is more convenient and allows for easier scripting. For example, scripts can read ID3 information from MP3s and sort releases based on those contents. Naming[ edit ] Rules for naming files and folders are an important part of the standards.

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Correctly named folders make it easier to maintain clean archives and unique filenames allow dupecheck to work properly. There's a defined character set which can be used in naming of the folders.

The selected character set is chosen to minimize problems due to the many platforms a release may encounter during its distribution. Since FTP servers, operating systems or file systems may not allow special characters in file or directory names, only a small set of characters is allowed. This can happen automatically by site scripts.

It is outlined below: Codec - GROUP The Xvid scene does not allow the use of parentheses [ruleset 3] and the BDR scene also doesn't allow the use of an underscore[ruleset 4] while those are common with music releases.

The best known example is aXXo. Date[ edit ] Standards documents have often a date defined when the rules take effect. The warez scene typically follows the UTC time standard. Depending on geographical location and the timing of releases, release sites receive software releases at slightly different times.

Release times in any single source may vary by as much as two weeks. Nuke warez If a group violates a standard, the release will be nuked. This proper usually requires a sample or a detailed explanation to prove the flaw in the material, unless the flaw was clear enough for the release to be nuked at releasing time.

These sanctions are social in nature and can be initiated by anyone within the community. Finally DivX, Xvid, H.The 5-pin DFN is a standard JEDEC package with an extremely compact outline ( x mm) making it a versatile alternative between the standard 8-pin DFN (2 x 3 mm) package and the more advanced chip scale package solution.

Love Keurig? Not one bit. But yesterday Twitter was all a-buzz about the machine that brews single-serve coffee pods (K-cups) while they were “promoted” to the top of the trending list.

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Standard page setup for thesis

Fantastic chapter pages. The template retains Sam Evans’s use of the quotchap and minitoc packages to (optionally) include an epigraph and brief table of contents at the beginning of each chapter.

I found this a great way to inject a bit of personality into the thesis (via the epigraph) and ensure that my reader wasn’t getting lost (table of contents). Automatic works cited and bibliography formatting for MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian citation styles.

Now supports 7th edition of MLA. The following example shows how an aside is used to mark up a pull quote in a longer article. He later joined a large company, continuing on the same work.

I love my job. People ask me what I do for fun when I'm not at work.

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