Sports do not build character they reveal it

I have played basketball ever since I was in 3rd grade.

Sports do not build character they reveal it

If this was true, every sportsman would be tough, strong and a winner in every respect. This, however, is not the case. The world of sports today still sees the toughest break down and the underdogs win. A sullen loser shows how he is incapable of handling defeat and any setbacks both on and off the field.

On the other hand, a sportsman who accepts defeat gracefully proves the magnanimity of his character through his game, thus showing his capability to react to any failures in life.

An example of a morose player who was unable to accept loss was seen in a football game between the clubs Manchester United and Benfica FC. Victory can reveal whether a person can be humble and thankful achieving what they want to, or whether they will be vain and arrogant about it.

Current world number one in tennis, Roger Federer, has broken and created numerous records on his way to stardom. Yet, he always acknowledges his opponent, is thankful for his victories and accordingly portrays the perfect example of humility.

In addition to wins and losses, a game itself is a true test of how a person will conduct themselves in a pressurized situation. However, the one who acts like the bigger person and steps away from the arguments, letting their game do the talking, shows the dignity of their character.

She was suspended for the game, and later suspended by the University of New Mexico. Even though Lambert stated that her acts can in no way be representative of her character in general, a common notion that develops is that she lacked the self-control required for a high profile game Barnes.

Not just Lambert, but a number of pro athletes lose their cool in high profile games, leading to brawls on the field, and thus giving an insight of what the person is like off the field too.

Born in a poverty stricken family, their road to fame has been an enthusiastic father to coach the two to become leading tennis stars today. Accordingly, how they overcame numerous hurdles to reach the pinnacle of success today highlights the toughness of their character and their will to succeed Bresnahan and Turner.

Drug abuse in sports has been a long standing issue, and athletes who resort to the use of drugs to help enhance their performance show the extent to which they can go for a win. NBA basketball player Ron Artest, during his time as a player of the Chicago Bulls, confessed to alcohol abuse at halftime of games because his team used to lose so often Clark.

This example proves that sports reveal character, because a player may be willing to resort to all means to avoid losing, however erroneous they may be.

This incident shows how even the greatest sportsmen of all time can lose their cool if provoked, and further supports the claim that sports reveal character.

Sports do not build character they reveal it

It has always been said that participating in sports is one of the most effective ways of developing our character. To learn — in the spirit of healthy competition — the art of teamwork, of co-operation, of accepting defeat gracefully and displaying humility within victory, is what was taken to be the meaning of sports.

The spirit is already present within a sportsman, the game helps display it.Sports teaches you to understand the meaning of a team.

You need to be able to work with everybody; you don't have to be their best friend. You can experience the fun of competition and driving toward a common goal without pushing to bond in some major way with each individual on a project.

They reveal it." and: “ Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is . Apr 11,  · Sports do not build character they reveal it The title of this column comes from the legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden.

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Think about that for a moment – “Sports do not build character. "Sports do not build character. They reveal it,” said sportswriter Heywood Hale Broun (), the son of newspaper columnist and sportswriter Heywood Broun (). The quotation appears in James A. Michener’s book, Sports in America ().

Hence his quote – “Sports don’t build character. They reveal it.” Unlike the person who says, “I become a totally different person when I step on that field or court,” Wooden declared that sports are where one’s true personality comes out.

Sports strip away the facade and show what is real in and about us. Find this Pin and more on Sports Do Not Build Character. They Reveal It. by Kristin Coorssen.

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Sports do not build character they reveal it

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