Qualities of a good supervisor ppt

We know There are many reasons to supervise peers, some necessary for retention, some for professional growth There are many tools to use- we dont have to reinvent the wheel There is a wealth of information to be learned by doing these observations A Few Points to Consider The value of the supervisory process is that it can lead to professional growth- to a change in habits, a change in behavior, to better professional practice It can also provide insights for the person doing the supervising- insights about their own practice Supervision is NOT about making a judgment or an evaluation it is about observing and reporting what you saw, then letting the person observed make judgments about what needs to be changed Supervision is NOT to be an end in itself it should be a means to an end- professional growth or evaluation So What Qualities Should a Good Supervisor Have? A good supervisor should be attentive should be an active listener, should know how to listen and know what to listen for and to A good supervisor is knowledgeable knows how to use various supervisory systems, knows when to use them and how to adapt them also knows about people.

Qualities of a good supervisor ppt

Use the insight to develop the attributes all supervisors need to be good, effective leaders.

The Ability to Measure and Assess Staff Training Needs

Equally important is understanding and incorporating employee feedback. A good supervisor interacts effectively with her employees, maintaining open lines of communication to ensure she stays informed about project progress and brewing problems.

For example, a parent might not be able to work overtime, or an employee going through a hard time might need temporary special considerations. Be as accommodating as possible in the face of genuine need, and your employees will be loyal in return.

Ability to Delegate A good supervisor excels in delegating tasks to those employees best-equipped to handle them.

Qualities of a good supervisor ppt

Proper delegation streamlines a project, ensuring efficiency and maximizing profitability. Poor delegation, on the other hand, compromises a project. For example, if you delegate a vital task to an inexperienced employee, the whole project can slow.

Worse, you might have to backtrack to fix errors, an inefficient use of time and resources. Flexibility when Possible No single approach to management works in every situation. Rather, a good supervisor chooses tactics based on the situation.

For example, as a deadline nears, you might adopt a hard-line approach to ensure the work gets done. This gives employees time to recover their strength.

A Display of Confidence Your employees look to you for inspiration. That insecurity will create a negative workplace atmosphere, stifling productivity. But if you display confidence and positivity, your employees will be secure in your skills as a leader.

Positive Attitude Supervisors who come to work with a positive attitude make the office environment a great place to be. They use this attitude when solving problems, so the issues don't loom as large as they might. And positive attitudes are contagious. People tend to take on the attitude of their environment, and being positive is a good one to assume.

A Dose of Humility While a confident and positive outlook is important, not every decision you make will work out well. When a project fails or a choice backfires, accept responsibility and learn from the mistake.

Passion for the Company Great managers love the company they work for, understand the company culture, and appreciate the company's objectives.

They can easily convey to their employees why this is a great place to work, getting team members on board and excited to contribute.We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

One Should Be a perfect in his Job To Direct his/Her subordinates. Are you a manager looking to make a difference in your workplace? Do you want to be a leader that will positively influence your team? 10 Characteristics of an Effective Manager. Jun 09, If you aren’t organized in your position, there’s a good chance that the employees you manage won’t be either.

There are many resources. So essential is personal leadership to good supervision that some supervisors, well equipped in this respect, have compensated, for deficiencies in other factors. Their terms ‘Leadership’ through broad and hard to define, involves selling, planning and teaching.

Jan 26,  · The Seven Qualities That Make Great Managers So Effective. Finding someone who possesses all of the qualities of a good manager is even more difficult. You’ve seen them -- the supervisors.

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