Nightly business report anchor change

An activist might be eyeing a merger between Office Depot and Staples.

Nightly business report anchor change

Transcript: Thursday, December 11, | Nightly Business Report

The magazine has described Shnayerson as its de facto environmental editor, because he writes frequently on the topic, but he also has written about the likelihood of hacking of electronic voting machines, Halliburton's war-related profits, anti-terrorism data mining, global warming skeptics and other political topics.

As a contributing editor, I write four stories a year. One might be about the environment or related to politics; the others might be about anything from a media subject to a fashion designer. This is different from a newspaper writer who covers a political beat, and to me tips the balance in favor of my right, as a citizen, to make any legal political contribution I choose to make.

A blogger called these contributions to the attention of Adcock's bosses, Tony Ridder and Clark Hoyt. Hoyt is now the public editor at The New York Times. The bureau, then part of Knight Ridder, was known for its reporting that called into question the rationales for the war in Iraq.

Ridder both expressed regret that I had misunderstood the policy and had been hurt by it. I had discussed my donations on more than one occasion with more than one other editor here; I'd never made any secret of them, not knowing I wasn't supposed to be doing it.

After this emerged, I sure wished that one of those editors had told me — or even told my bosses — so I could have stopped sooner.

nightly business report anchor change

Roughly, I recall it saying that employees are permitted to engage in political activity but that if there's a question of a conflict of interest they should discuss it with their supervisors, or something like that. I copy-edit stories and compile our news budgets and other communications with our newspapers, and it did not occur to me that my Washington bosses considered those functions a conflict of interest with making campaign donations.

There I mostly worked in the features section, so I was confident there was no conflict of interest. I probably should have rethought that when I came to Washington, but I simply read the ethics policy, saw it was the same one I was used to, and my husband and I continued making our occasional donations.This is in addition her new gig as co-anchor of “Nightly Business Report” the long-running PBS show which is produced by CNBC.

Herera . NABS Report #71 Idaho January 23, NABS Investigator Richard Hucklebridge. This report is from a gentleman who I will call MK who lives in Idaho and doesn’t want his name known or the exact location of his encounter known.

CNBC announced Wednesday that Bill Griffeth has been named co-anchor of “Nightly Business Report,” an evening business news program produced by CNBC for U.S.

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public television. Griffeth will join his one-time anchor partner, Sue Herera, . Last week, we brought you The Women Of Bloomberg TV, so naturally, we couldn't leave the home of the original Money Honey out.

Since the last time we brought you a rundown of the women of CNBC. Updated: To clarify. Trent Aric will no longer be the chief meteorologist, obviously.

nightly business report anchor change

Betty Davis will be the new chief met when she takes over. And for those who may not know, Betty was a Weather Channel meteorologist for 5 years prior to coming to WPLG in This is . Nightly Business Report is an American business news magazine television program that has aired weeknights on public television stations since January 22, Internationally the show is seen on CNBC Europe (Friday edition only) and CNBC music composer: Edd Kalehoff.

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