Most innovative business plans

Enterprise Innovation All too often, hastily planned brainstorming sessions bring up a lot of good ideas that somehow never get used, while the boring kinds of ideas you are trying to get away from seem to be used again and again.

Most innovative business plans

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Oyster Farming Yam Cultivation Yam is another tuber crop that is cultivated majorly in Africa, South American and in most countries of the world.

Yams can be eaten when cooked, fried and as flours et al.

most innovative business plans

No doubt there is a large market for yams. As a result, if you are looking towards starting an agriculture crop cultivation business and you live in Africa or South America, then one of your options is to go into the cultivation of yam.

Unlike most agriculture produce, yams if well preserved in a barn can outlive one season. You do not necessarily have to be the person doing the cultivation. You may think to just handle the business management aspect, whilst you hire farmers to help with the operations.

Mangoes Plantation Mangoes takes time to grow from seedling state to fruition stage; so if you are considering going into the cultivation of mangoes cultivation, then you must be patient enough to wait.

One good thing about mangoes plantation is that once the tree is up, then you can be rest assured to harvest mangoes once or twice a year. There are some species of mangoes that can produce mangoes fruit twice in a year- if that is the type of species you would like to start with, then you may consider asking experts to put you through in that line.

There is hardly any part of the world where mangoes are not consumed either directly or after been processed as juice et al. This goes to show that there is a large market for mangoes. Orange Orchard Orange is perhaps one of the most popular fruits in the world; there is a massive market for oranges.

As a matter of fact, owning an orange orchard is an investment because year in year out you will continue to generate income from it. Oranges are consumed directly and predominantly as drinks and juice. So if you are looking towards starting an agriculture crop cultivation business, then one of your options is to go into orange farming.

It is a cool way of making money especially if you have the financial capacity to set up your own juice production company.

Cashew Plantation Cashew is a cash crop that is consumed all over the world. One good thing about cashew is that aside from the fruits that can be eaten fresh or processed into juice, the nuts are also edible; they are eaten as snacks.

So, if you are looking to launch out into farming, then one of your options is to go into the cultivation of cashew. Just like most fruit trees, once your cashew trees are matured, you will continue to harvest from them for as long as possible.

Cotton Wool Farming Wools can be gotten from sheep and also from cotton wool. It is regarded as a cash crop. No doubt wool is a major component in the textile industry, as it is used in producing textiles for garments. This goes to show that there is a very large market for wool.

If you have the financial capacity to go into cotton wool farming, there are no limits to the income you can generate as long as you have vast hectares of land to cultivate cotton wool. Cotton wool can easily be exported from one country to another and there is readily available market for cotton wool.

Rubber Plantation Rubber is another economic crop that has great value. Rubbers are used in producing loads of products ranging from containers, to bags, to electrical and mechanical components hence there is a large global market for rubber. If you are looking towards investing in the crop cultivation, one of your best options is to go into rubber cultivation.Growing companies can’t find good entry-level talent.

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The objectives of the High Point University Business Plan Competition are fourfold: to promote the creation and development of new ventures at High Point University; to provide University support and funding to the most innovative business ideas from undergraduate students;. In fact, most VR-related business ideas have nothing to do with the technology itself.

Rather, you can start your own VR industry update website, where you write about new tech, games, software.

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