Lab report butane essay

The first process is synthesis of the ester.

Lab report butane essay

Mass of lighter after releasing gas The pressure of the water vapor was found by using the temperature of the water. Once the pressure of the water vapor was found, this was subtracted from the atmospheric pressure, which in this case was 1 atm.


The pressure of the water vapor that corresponds with the water temperature of 23 degrees Celcius was 21 mm Hg. The volume of the gas: Temperature of the water in Kelvin: The temperature of the water was converted from degrees celcius to degrees kelvin by adding to the temperature in degrees Kelvin.

The P in the equation is the pressure of the gas, the V is the volume of the gas, the n is the number of moles of gas, the R is the gas constant, and the T is the temperature of the gas in Kelvin.

The pressure of the gas was calculated to be mm Hg.

Lab report butane essay

The volume of the gas was calculated to be 88 mL. The gas constant in this equation is the gas constant for mm Hg which is The temperature of the gas can be assumed to be the same as the temperature of the water because the gas is passing through the water so the temperature of the gas is K.

Mass of the gas in grams: The mass of the gas in the glass jar was calculated by subtracting the mass of the lighter after releasing the gas Molar mass of the gas: The molar mass of the butane gas was calculated by dividing the mass of butane gas in grams 0. The molar mass of butane gas was calculated to be Conclusion The objective of this lab was to find the molar mass of a chemical used for combustion in a lighter.

This was done by finding the number of moles in a sample of this chemical and also finding the mass of the same chemical sample then dividing the mass in grams by the number of moles since the units of molar mass is grams per mole.

By using the data gathered through the procedures and calculations above and the three assumptions given at the beginning of the lab, the number of moles of the gas was found, and the mass of the gas sample was calculated by finding the difference between the mass of the lighter before releasing the gas and after releasing the gas.

To calculate the number of moles of the gas, the Ideal Gas Law, which states that the pressure of the gas multiplied by the volume of that gas is equal to the number of moles multiplied by the gas constant multiplied by the temperature in Kelvin, was used after the assumption that the gas behaved like an ideal gas was given.

In this lab, the total pressure was equal to the standard atmospheric pressure, and the pressure of the water vapor was subtracted from the total pressure to calculate the pressure of the gas.

The number of moles found was 0. When the mass of the sample was divided by the number of moles, a molar mass of There were also many sources of error in this lab which influenced the value of the molar mass that was calculated.

Sources of error include: Based on the calculations, the molar mass of the gas was The gas is an alkane, so it contains only carbon and hydrogen with single covalent bonds.

Lab report butane essay

The molar mass of carbon is The intent of the lab was to find the molecular mass of Butane. and this was done by utilizing the ideal gas jurisprudence (PV=nRT). The stuffs used were: lucifer.

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funnel. pail. cylinder. thermometer. igniter. graduated table. and a wooden flynt. These stuffs are used to assist roll up and prove the Butane Continue reading "Lab Report-Butane Essay". Jul 31,  · An Online Tagalog - English Dictionary Learn Tagalog or Filipino Language for free.

Jan 12,  · Submit your essay of to words on a highly topical issue or a theme of particular relevance to the Pacific Northwest, Oregon and the Portland area to [email protected] lab report Essay ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY CLASS: WRITING LAB REPORTS The following is an explanation of the format that is to be used for writing lab reports.

There will be lab activities for each Chapter in the textbook.

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