Growing nursing shortages essay

Business policy issues around the supply of nurses and physicians 11 The challenges of inadequate supply 20 Overcoming the disconnect 22 23 25 27 31 Strategies for developing a workforce model for the future l Develop public-private partnerships l Encourage technology-based training l Design flexible roles l Establish performance-based metrics 35 Conclusion 36 Appendix Executive summary Many nurses and physicians are among the baby boomers who will start to retire in the next three to five years. The federal government is predicting that bynurse and physician retirements will contribute to a shortage of approximately 24, doctors and nearly 1 million nurses. While hospital leaders voice much of the concern over possible shortages, the implications extend throughout the labor-intensive, trillion-dollar United States health system. However, while future shortages are certainly worrisome, the bigger issue for health industry leaders today lies in orchestrating care in an increasingly complex and converging healthcare labor market.

Growing nursing shortages essay

Healthcare organizations need regular, dependable, highly efficient and fully involved staff to provide excellent patient care at all levels.

Therefore nursing leaders and managers are highly depended upon in changing this current trend of shortage and turnover of nurses affecting the healthcare profession Hunt, The major causes of nursing turnover include increased work load on the unit, poor leadership style, lack of role clarity, non-recognition for good performances, contributions and capabilities, poor communication on the side of leaders and managers concerning critical issues that affects working in the units, lack of career opportunity and advancement, lack of team work, tight work schedule and inflexibility that does not match job needs, job that is too physically demanding, to mention but a few Hunts, Nurse turnovers have been noted to increase when there are nursing shortages, and they have both economic and non-economic impacts.

However there are solutions that when applied may reduce such impacts such as increasing educational and community outreach programs to increase awareness of nursing as a possible profession, providing educational re-imbursement to help existing employees obtain nursing degrees, increasing compensation and benefits, supporting flexible scheduling, and job sharing Hunts, They are responsible for hiring applicants and maintaining staff retention.

Essay title: Legislative Initiatives to Improve the Nursing Shortage

These behaviors include encouraging staff to lifelong learning; inspiring staff education efforts like the tuition reimbursement, make sure staff has access to education and training opportunities, enabling high quality of staff recruitment and selection, and mentoring professional development amongst employees Huber, The role of the nurse leader is to influence people to achieve goals.

In case of nurse shortage and nurse turnover, the activity of the leader becomes more important. The leader creates and communicates a sense of purpose, discovers new ways to hire and retain nurses. The nurse manager on the other hand integrates and coordinates resources by developing staff friendly schedules, ensure that there are adequate staff on the floors at all times, make decisions that benefit the team, and delegate tasks Hunts, The leader motivates the nursing staff, builds trust and sustains commitment; helps develop leaders while the manager makes sure that the workload is not too heavy as this increases the stress level of staff, and result in staff turnover Huber, Furthermore the nurse managers need to be physically present in the unit at all times to provide support and assistance in times of need, and effort should also be made in hiring adequate and appropriate mix of RNs and assistive personnel Huber, Leadership at all levels must come together to combat these problems, while offering long lasting solutions to attract people into nursing.

The profession must be communicated as a positive, satisfying, and inspiring career. Careful attention should also be paid to workload, because this is one of the main reasons for nurse turnover. Nursing leaders and managers should be more empathic towards the plight of their staff; this shows the staff that someone cares.

The work environment should be transformed by providing capable, top-level nursing leadership and understanding nursing supervision all through the organization; involving nurses in decisions that are related to patient care ; re-designing nurses work spaces to be more ergonomic and less physically demanding.

When the leadership, management and staff works together, a lot of goals can be achieved.

Growing nursing shortages essay

In conclusion, nurses play a major role in improving the financial capability in a healthcare organization. References American Association of Colleges of Nursing Strategies to Reverse the New Nursing Shortage. Retrieved on October 6, from http: Leadership and Nursing Care Management 4th ed.

Saunders Elsevier Hunt, S. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing.

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Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? How about receiving a customized one? Check it out https:The united states is experiencing a growing nursing shortage which is going to be felt most strongly over the next decadeby , the us will need 12 million new nurses.

A lthough recent growth in both registered nurse (rn) employment and nursing school enrollment suggests potential easing of hospital nurse shortages, nurse staffing will likely Nursing shortage is a phenomenon that is affecting nurses and the provision of adequate patient care in today’s health care industry.

Nursing shortage is said to occur when the demand for employment of nurses is far greater than the number of nurses willing to be employed at that time (Huber, ) essay on nursing informatics Why Nursing Shortage nursing psychiatric essays nursing scholarship essay  · The Nursing Faculty Shortage: A Crisis For Health Care EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The shortage of nursing faculty in the United States is a critical problem that directly affects the nation’s nurse shortage, which is projected to worsen in future ///NursingFacultyShortagepdf.

Nursing shortage; Nursing shortage.

Talk of nursing shortages has waxed and waned for generations. In recent years, at least a dozen states have initiated studies about the shortage of nurses, and in some regions, chronic shortages appear to be growing.

Nursing Shortage in the United States | Essay Example

For example, the Regional Medical Center in Memphis, Tenn. reported in it was so  · - Nursing Shortages and Nurse Turn-Over: Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management Nursing shortages and nurse turn-over is a growing issue among the nursing profession.

Growing nursing shortages essay

The main reason for this growing problem seems to be dissatisfaction among nurses with some aspect of

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