Foreign studies about accounting system

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Foreign studies about accounting system

Back To Top Is that true that there is no Withholding tax on dividend applicable?

Foreign studies about accounting system

No additional taxes are imposed on shareholders for dividends received. Taxes withheld by the investment company are final.

Normally, the investor's record dividend received at the net amount and deducts it in calculation of taxable income as exemptions. There are withholding taxes on salaries and wages based on the relevant rates. There are withholding taxes on fees for certain services equal to 5 percent of the fees in addition to other withholding taxes mentioned above.

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There are taxation treaties with certain foreign governments to avoid double taxation. Scope of such treaties may differ. Earnings of an industrial or mineral company, which is apportioned for development or renovation of the existing plants or for construction of new plants, are exempted from 50 percent of the taxes thereon, given certain condition, are met.

In the special case of foreign contractors sub-contracting part of their project to Iranian sub-contractors, the foreign contractor is only required to make a tax withholding of 2.

Extract of different articles of Direct Taxation Act Is there capital gains tax in Iran, if so, on which type of gains? If by capital gaining it means economic rent then it will not be subject to any tax.

According to the Tax Organization of Iran, with regard to tax related to interest and dividend and declared income shall be reflected in Loss and Profit Account of the Institute or organization and shall influence accounting profit and shall be investigated among other incomes of institute and its tax shall be determined and collected.

The natural persons and legal entities shall not be liable to any other taxes in respect of the dividend or the contribution they may collect from the companies requesting investment. Tax auditing for the purpose of determining income subject to tax shall be done once in every fiscal year.

Representatives and branches of foreign companies in Iran that are working for parent company to gather economical information and data as well as marketing, without right to carry out transaction, and receive money from the parent company to compensate for their expenses shall not be subject to income tax.

The branches and representative offices of foreign companies and banks in Iran which shall proceed to render activities for marketing and gathering of economic data and information in Iran for the holding company, without having the right to enter into a transaction in Iran, and which shall collect amounts from the holding company in order to meet the expenses and its financial requirements, shall not be liable to income tax.

Back To Top If an Iranian company formed by a foreign company individually or shared with an Iranian company establish a branch in a third country, will the Iranian government claim any tax duties for the benefits of such a branch or it can be paid to local government?

It merely depends only on how the new company is registered in the third country. If it is acting as the agent or branch of the Iranian company, the benefits made by it will be subject to Iranian tax duties but if it is registered as an independent and local company in the third country, it has to follow the duties of the country which produce benefits on it and the Iranian tax authorities will not charge the Iranian based foreign company for eventual benefits of this new company.


What is Article of the Direct Taxing Law? Article of the Direct Taxing Law is as follows: The tax rates on the income of natural persons, excluding the instances for which a separate rate has been provided in conformity with the provisions made in the present Act, shall be as follows:Public Education Public Schools.

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