Compare and contrast of mount vernon and monticello essay

US Politics term papers Disclaimer: Free essays on US Politics posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. First, I will be going over a brief overview of each person so that you can get a feel on who they are. Second, I will be discussing the similarities and differences of their early life, revolution era, their presidency.

Compare and contrast of mount vernon and monticello essay

Post Office, advisors, members, government, taxes Dates: Ask students to describe what they see on the cover and title page, and to predict what this book is about and if it is fiction or nonfiction. Ask students what they know and want to know about George Washington, including the image on the cover.

Create a KWL chart to capture the information, and tell students you will revisit after reading. Read the book aloud, pointing out the art and captions and pausing as needed to explain words or phrases.

As you read, or after you are finished, have students help you gather and sort words See vocabulary lists above: Discuss how key words are connected, and how some overlap into different categories. Give each student or group a copy of the book and have them read the text again to answer in writing the following text- dependent questions.

Guide students to cite evidence from the text as needed by modeling, thinking aloud, and discussing as a class.

Text Only--Presidents: A Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary

Have groups share their evidence-based answers and inferences. What is the main idea of this text? How do the images add information to the text? Why do you think the text includes a variety of images, including illustrations, paintings, portraits, and maps?

Choose three images and describe them. What questions do you have about the images?

STEP 7: VRIO Analysis of Compare And Contrast Of Mount Vernon And Monticello:

How could you find out more about them? What information can you infer from the map image on p. How does this map look different from a U.

On page 20, why is George Washington called General Washington? Why was Washington needed as a commander of the thirteen colonies? Why were they fighting England? Compare and contrast the illustration on the cover and the famous painting on p. Describe the historical event pictured.

Mount Vernon (Engraving) | Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Read these sentences on p. George Washington had turned down the chance to be king. Use this word in a sentence of your own. Why was George Washington chosen as a leader again and again?

Why did he refuse to be a king of the United States? What did he become instead? Summarize the many contributions George Washington made to the United States. Revisit the KWL chart to add, confirm, and correct information.

Have students write an opinion essay to answer one of the following questions. Guide them to cite evidence from the text to support their opinion. Allow students to share or argue their essays with the class.

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Do you think the colonists were justified in fighting for independence from England? Why or why not? Compare and contrast the two texts and set of images, perhaps using a Venn diagram.

Compare and contrast of mount vernon and monticello essay

Discuss how Washington and Madison were similar and different, and how their contributions to the United States overlap in many ways. Point out the mention of slavery, the Declaration of Independence, the more in-depth explanation of the Constitution, and the War of in the companion text, as well as additional information about Washington.

You may choose to read other titles from the series, including John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, and do a three- or four-way comparison.Feb 11,  · Yet because Mount Vernon strikes one first and foremost as a family home rather than its owner’s personal statement on refined living, Mount Vernon’s slave housing area feels somehow just a bit less morally appalling than Monticello’s.

Shannon is an alumna of the Mount Vernon Teacher Institute and numerous National Endowment for the Humanities seminars. Shannon co-presented the “Teaching Slavery Comprehensively and Conscientiously” session at the American Historical Association conference in Washington, vetconnexx.comees: Mount Vernon and Monticello are similar in very few ways; Mount Vernon and Monticello are both homes of U.S presidents that lived in Virginia, the two estates were three stories high, the properties both included slave quarters and gardens, and inside both homes included Palladian windows.

Short essay on compare and contrast powerpoint Compare and contrast powerpoint, each subject is discussed one at a time. Each section needs to be short. Readers can. Madison's Montpelier, and Jefferson's Monticello -Part 1 Mount Vernon.

Native black walnut staircase at Mt Vernon- History Geeks' Founding Fathers Home Tour - Feathering My. View Essay - Compare and Contrast Essay (1).docx from ENGLISH at Mount Vernon High School, VA. Amara Park October 2, Mrs. Jacobs Honors World Literature Two Stories from Germany The two.

Colonial Williamsport | Mount Vernon | The Monticello Classroom. 1. Review the Comparison and Contrast Guide @ ReadWriteThink - online activity through "Evaluating". Tip: To work your way through, click the right pointing arrow after reading each page.


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