A definition of imagism

Pre-Imagism[ edit ] Well-known poets of the Edwardian era of the s, such as Alfred AustinStephen Phillipsand William Watsonhad been working very much in the shadow of Tennysonproducing weak imitations of the poetry of the Victorian era. They continued to work in this vein into the early years of the 20th century.

A definition of imagism

Her first recording was released in Her quartet has had a stable personnel since with exceptional alto saxophonist Brodie West, drummer Nick Fraser Based on their most recent recording, Sometimes Y, both Allemano and the group should have a lot higher profile.

Perhaps that is changing. The group interplay is the most obvious feature of this disc. It starts with a lengthy bass solo by Downing that is initially barely audible.

The band eventually enters creating a dense but quiet web of sound. The piece builds in volume gradually never going over the top before gradually receding back to the whisper. Sometimes Y is a remarkable disc and should be heard by anyone with an interest in the cutting edge side of jazz.

Tiny artist-run spaces are often home.

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Recordings are easy to produce, and not so easy to promote. But creative-music festivals here have been scene shifters — beginning in the mids in British Columbia Vancouver and Quebec Victoriavillethen a decade later in Ontario Guelph. Canadian improvisers had long gone out into the world.

But these annual events tugged the international community toward us. In those days, the Toronto jazz scene had a genuine infrastructure clubs, record stores, newspaper coverage, radio shows, and a devoted, not insubstantial audience ; more progressive endeavors certainly benefited from its presence.

A definition of imagism

Over the past decade, however, a Toronto scene has begun to re-emerge — coalescing around a network of venues, events, and newer, increasingly estimable voices. When you live a long way away, as I do, records really count. North American tours have perhaps never been more difficult to arrange.

Definition of vision

Albums are by nature outward looking; ideally, they are also magnets. Fraser and Allemano have been at the center of this scene since the turn of the century.

Nick Fraser Quartet — embodies the very best in a mid-career document; these are artists at the height of their powers. These are also long-running groups more than a decade in the case of the Allemano 4a fact that underlines how much these records tell us — about a community that seems to know who it is, and who it wants to be.In addition to the terms below, you can use the Table of Contents on the left and the Search Center above it to find the information you are looking for.

Imagist: Imagist,, Imagism sought analogy with sculpture. In Pound turned to Vorticism, and Amy Lowell largely took over leadership of the group. 3. To have a notion of or about without adequate foundation; fancy or believe: She imagines herself to be a true artist.

Definition of image. render visible, as by means of MRI ; the general impression that something (a person or organization or product) presents to the public; "although her popular image was contrived it served to inspire music and pageantry"; "the company tried to project an altruistic image".

imaginary - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum. Free Jazz Blog, Feb Lina Allemano Four, Sometimes Y If you’ve kept up with trumpet player Lina Allemano’s career, you’ve likely read or heard about her two .

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